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Stony Brook University

Sustainability & Environmental Studies

Online databases, journals, books, websites & other resources, finding tools and news for environmental studies, sustainability and sustainable design.

Library Collection Development Policy


The primary purpose of the collection is to support undergraduate research, study and teaching  the programs of Sustainability and Environmental Studies.

Sustainability and Environmental Studies is highly interdisciplinary, and this collection supports related undergraduate and graduate coursework in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, and Departments of Biology, Earth & Space Sciences, Ecology & Evolution, Economics, English & American Literature, Environmental Engineering, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Policy, Social Welfare and Sociology.

  Sustainability Studies Programs


  • Coastal Environmental Studies (BS)
  • Ecosystems & Human Impact (BA)
  • Environmental Design, Policy and Planning (BA)
  • Environmental Humanities (BA)
  • Environmental Studies (BA)
  • Sustainability Studies (BA)


 a. Language  

English is the primary language of the collection; other languages are considered on an item-by-item basis.

 b. Chronological periods

All chronological periods are of interest for the history and philosophy of science, but the phenomenal growth in the sciences since the second World War and the development of environmental study and research during the last twenty five years are emphasized.

  c. Geographical Areas

The collection is international in scope; the current collection is predominately from North American, Central & South American and European sources.



Interdisciplinary resources and titles are to be discussed, shared, and possibly collected or jointly collected with the subject specialist for that discipline or related subject.  Interdisciplinary and related subjects include:

  • African Studies: Works dealing with environmental issues on the African continent 
  • Biology: Works focusing on the natural environment and particularly on ecological systems 
  • Chemistry: Works on the chemistry of toxic substances and pollutants 
  • Earth & Space Sciences: Works dealing with geological processes, such as surface and groundwater hydrology and sedimentology, related to environmental concerns 
  • Ecology & Evolution
  • Economics: Works on environmental policy in the context of economic development 
  • Engineering: Works focusing on the use of technology in the detection and management of environmental problems 
  • English
  • Geography: Works dealing with energy and environmental systems, including resource analysis and policy studies
  • History: Works focusing on major events in American history and culture influenced by advances in technology and science
  • Marine Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Public Policy
  • Social Welfare
  • Sociology



a. Included

All formats collected including monographs, reference works, online information, multimedia content; but emphasizes journals, articles and other content via electronic databases.  The Library relies on individual book selection and the general approval plan (YBP).

b. Included Selectively

Textbooks when best available treatment of a topic, popular treatments of complex science topics for non-scientists, occasional second copies of titles in high demand, and technical reports and conference publications on significant interdisciplinary topics, especially in the environmental sciences and sustainability.

c. Excluded

Theses and dissertations from other institutions, popular works, and most juvenile literature.


  • Online via University Libraries electronic resources including Database, eJournals, eBooks and Subject Guides
  • Melville Library
  • Select titles in Special Collections



GE 1-350                                 Environmental Sciences

TD 1-1066                               Environmental Technology, Environmental Pollution, Water Supply, Air Pollution

TJ 163.26-163.5, 807-830         Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy Sources

TP 315-360, 690-692.5             Fuel (alternative sources, environmental effects), Petroleum Refining (environmental effects)

TH 6014-6081                          Environmental Engineering of Buildings (green design)

Z 5861-5863                            General Environment, Human Ecology Bibliography

Z 7401-7407                            Science Bibliography






A large selection of resources and materials online and at the Government Information & Resources Collection location in the Melville Library overlap and support research, study & teaching in Sustainability & Environmental Studies.