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Stony Brook University

Research Data

Data Storage & Backup

As mentioned in the "Archiving & Preservation" section, all digital data are susceptible to bit rot. The UK Data Archive recommends the following data storage best practices:

  • use data formats with long-term availability
  • storage strategy - at least two different forms of storage and locations
  • maintain original copy, external local copy and external remote copy
  • copy data files to new media two to five years after first created
  • check data integrity of stored data files regularly (checksum)
  • know your personal/institutional back-up strategy
  • know data retention policies that apply: funder, publisher, home institution
  • what to protect? not only data, and not only digital

The UKDA web page on data storage (linked above) expounds upon each of the bullets above, and we highly recommend them as an information resource in this area.


Local Resources

 In many cases, SBU’s Open Access digital repository Academic Commons Data can be a suitable archive and sharing mechanism for your final datasets. Please contact me with any questions or requests.