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Stony Brook University

Research Data Guide

Resources to help you manage your research data.

The Study Lifecycle

Welcome! The resources in this guide are designed to help you through all stages of the study lifecycle (depicted below). You can find quick links on this page and discover more information via the tabs at left. 


study lifecycle diagram showing transition from study phase (study planning, study startup, data collection, data analysis, study closeout) to post-study phase (preparing data for data sharing, depositing data, data archiving)

Study Planning: IRB Application

Study Planning: Data Management Planning

Study Planning and Startup: Grant Support

Data: Collecting, Analyzing, Sharing, Depositing, and Archiving

All Stages: Software and Computing

All Stages: Data Ownership Policies

At all data management stages, it is important to understand who owns your data. Always check for funder and institutional policies on data ownership before making storage and preservation decisions. 

Data generated by research projects at or under the auspices of Stony Brook University are owned by the University. However, the principle investigator (PI) is responsible for retention, preservation, distribution, and control of the data.

See the SUNY page on Copyright and Faculty Ownership of Intellectual Property for more information.