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Stony Brook University

Research Data

Metadata Standards

As a reminder, if you know the repository or archive where your data will be preserved and shared, consult with the archive to determine the metadata schema that they use and how your dataset should be formatted. If you don't know where your data will end up, the following resources may be useful.

  • Disciplinary Metadata
    A searchable and browseable list of disciplinary metadata standards, including tools to implement the standards, and use cases.

Selected Metadata Standards & Tools

Discipline Standard Tools
General Research Data    DataCite metadata schema
- open-source tools from DataCite
Social, behavioral, and economic sciences Data Documentation Initiative (DDI)

- see all DDI tools

- Nesstar Publisher: standalone tool to create DDI metadata (Windows only)

- Colectica: Excel add-on that creates DDI metadata (Windows only)

Ecology & Biology Ecological Metadata Language (EML)

- see all EML tools

- Morpho: standalone tool (all platforms), creates metadata, edit data, upload both to the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity

- DataUp: Excel add-on (Windows only) or web-based tool (all platforms) creates EML metadata, and checks your spreadsheet for best practices compliance

Geospatial ISO 19115 
(in transition from FGDC CSDGM)

- NOAA's NCDDC page on metadata contains very useful links to information about metadata standard ISO 19115 for environmental data, key words and controlled vocabularies, and the MERMAid (Metadata Enterprise Resource Management Aid) tool for creating and publishing metadata.

- Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) page on metadata & metadata tools- USGS metadata page- Metavist: for FGDC metadata creation