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Polysomnography: eBooks/Books

Electronic and print resources for polysomnography.

Selected Polysomnography Books

Acute and Emergent Events in Sleep Disorders
WM 188 A189 2011
This volume brings together the many acute and urgent events that can occur in almost every sleep disorder listed in the ICSD-2.

Atlas of Clinical Sleep Medicine
WM 17 A8812 2010
This book attempts to define the aspects of sleep that are essential to maximize an individual's productivity and health.

Behavioral Treatments for Sleep Disorders: A Comprehensive Primer of Behavioral Sleep Medicine Interventions
WM 188 B419 2011
Intended to be informative for practicing behavioral sleep medicine clinicians, students from other related fields, and clinical researchers who require basic protocol descriptions.

A Case a Week: Sleep Disorders from the Cleveland Clinic
WM 188 C3366 2011
An introduction to clinical and laboratory sleep medicine through actual case histories of patients evaluated and treated in the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center.

Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology: Essentials for Respiratory Care
WF 101 D441c 2008
Divided into three sections: the cardiopulmonary system, advanced cardiopulmonary concepts and related areas, and the cardiopulmonary system during unusual environmental conditions.

Clinical Assessment in Respiratory Care
WF 141 W684c 2010
Provides relevant information related to the knowledge and skills needed for the respiratory therapist to be competent at patient assessment.

Egan’s Fundamentals of Respiratory Care
RESV WB 342 E28 2009
Provides fundamental knowledge for the safe and effective administration of inhalation therapy, while emphasizing the role of respiratory care in the management and prevention of disease.

Emergency Airway Management
WF 145 E53 2009
Specific chapters address key issues such as airway assessment, oxygen therapy, basic airway management techniques and indications for intubation.

Essentials of Polysomnography
WM 188 S769e 2010
Serving as a  training guide and reference for sleep technicians, this text is useful for new technicians and those studying for the board exam. 

Handbook of EEG Interpretation
WL 39 H23657 2008
Essential “bottom-line” information is provided as a supplement for clinical readers with the many challenges of EEG interpretation.

Non-Invasive Respiratory Support Techniques
WF 145 E76n 2009
A practical guide to oxygen therapy, non-invasive ventilation and continuous airway pressure clearly defining when and how various treatments are used.

Primary Care Sleep Medicine: A Practical Guide
WM 188 P952 2007
An important book because an increasing number of patients with sleep disorders are seen in primary care practices.

Principles and Practice of Geriatric Sleep Medicine
WM 188 P957 2010
Provides an overview of aging and the problems of getting to sleep, staying asleep, and acheiving deep, restful sleep in the geriatric population. 

Principles and Practice of Pediatric Sleep Medicine
WM 188 P9565 2005
Diagnosis and management of sleep disorders in children can improve the lives of children and other family members alike.

Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine
WM 188 P957 2011
Knowledge of the neurobiological control of sleep-wake and other sleep-related physiology has grown exponentially and there are ever greater opportunities for effective treatment strategies.

Respiratory Physiology: The Essentials
RESV WF 102 W518r 2008
This book serves as the gold standard for medical students, health science students, residents, and practitioners on the functions of the respiratory system. It’s a concise, authoritative and clear-written resource.

Sleep Deprivation: Clinical Issues, Pharmacology, and Sleep Loss Effects
WF 5 L963 v. 193 2005
Sleep deprivation is a medical issue, but also a social one and this book advocates for change in educational and professional situations where sleep deprivation is currently the norm.

Sleep Disorders in Neurology: A Practical Approach
WM 188 S63225 2010
Sleep problems are common in neurology patients, this book is designed to assist neurologists recognize and treat for this quality of life issue.

Sleep Medicine for Dentists: A Practical Overview
WM 188 S632394 2009 
Organized into four sections dealing with the general aspects of sleep and then specific sleep disorders providing science, common sense, and pragmatism.

Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
WF 143 S673 2003
Provides a condensed, practical guide to the understanding of sleep and breathing disorders, of their diagnosis, and of their surgical and medical management.

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