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Stony Brook University

First Year Students: Computers, Printers, Photocopiers

A guide to help new students succeed at Stony Brook University.


Photocopiers are available in the Central and North Reading Rooms, the Main Stacks and at the Branch Libraries (see below).

Color Printing

A color printer is available in the Main Library SINC site. Please note that color printing is NOT included in your print quota.



Both the Central and North Reading Rooms, located on the first floor of the Main Library, also function as computer labs, or SINC sites as we call them here at Stony Brook, with computers and printers available for student use. 

See a full list of computer labs (SINC sites) on campus and get information on capacity and available software.

Scanners are available in the Melville Library in the Main Library SINC Site, the Central Reading, and the North Reading Room.


All registered Stony Brook students have a semester long quota of ~2100 pages ($105) in the SINC SitesHealth Sciences Library, and Residential Computing Centers or by using the Print From Anywhere service. Funding for student printing comes from the Student Technology Fee.  Stony Brook uses the Pharos system to manage printing. 

In order to print, send print jobs to the print queue from a SINC Site computer, or from a personal computer using the web browser,  email, or the Print From Anywhere client (software). Students need their Stony Brook University ID card to release their print jobs.

Print From Anywhere Service

The Print From Anywhere service allows students to send print jobs to the SINC Site Print Queue from their own computers. Members of the campus community with an active Pharos account can send their print jobs to the Print From Anywhere Queue from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as well as computers via web browser, and email.  When on campus, students can print to the Pharos Printer from their own machine once they install the Print From Anywhere client (software)

Teaching, Learning & Technology (TLT)

For more information about technology at Stony Brook, including Blackboard, email, software, hardware and workshops, check the TLT website.


Scanners are available in the library in:

  • the Main Library SINC site
  • the Central Reading Room
  • the North Reading Room
  • the Main Stacks

See TLT's page for more information about SINC site equipment.


Fax service is available at Seawolves MarketPlace (631-632-9281) in the SAC. Hours:

M-F:  8:30am - 9pm
Friday:  8:30am - 5pm
Sat-Sun:  10am - 4pm