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The History and Future of the American Press


LexisNexis is a newspaper database and the best place to search the libraries' subscription to full-text, current material in New York Times. Use the link below to access LexisNexis Academic

Please note that access to historical material from the New York Times is available through a different subscription provided by Proquest. The link for the SBU Libraries' subscription to historical material is also listed below. 

When using these resources from off-campus you will be prompted to authenticate by providing your NetID and password. 

Boolean Operators and Other Search Commands

Boolean operators allow you to give very specific instructions to databases and other search engines, like Google, so that you get back very focused information. You can also use boolean operators to expand your search in cases where you want to cast a broad net so that you can find additional relevant information.

Other Search Commands

LexisNexis also provides the ability to search for words a certain distance from each other. You can use the W/n command to search engine maximum distance between the words, n being the number of words. For example, if searching for a person whose middle name or initial is sometimes used, like William Randolph Hearst. Then use william W/3 hearst as the search string.

Or you can the examples to get try to find words in the same phrase, sentence, or paragraph.

Choose this:

for search words to appear:

W/3 - W/5

in approximately the same phrase


in approximately the same sentence


in approximately the same paragraph

Review the material on this page and on the Video Tutorials tab to find out about additional search options and learn how to construct more sophisticated searches.

More Advanced Search Tips