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Funding for conference travel

Peter Caprariello, Associate Professor, Marketing in the College of Business, has compiled the following resources to encourage students to participate in professional conferences and help offset expenses associated with conference registration and travel. 

Funding resources for students attending conferences

Students at all levels are encouraged to submit research to professional conferences. Students, faculty advisors, and the College of Business all benefit from this experience.

At the time of submitting to the conference, students should develop a concrete plan for obtaining funding to offset the costs of travel, registration, hotel, and daily living expenses. These expenses add up quickly, and without assistance students will be expected to fund these expenses out of pocket. Below is a list of funding sources students might consider:

Career Center (undergraduate students)

The Career Center has some money available for “professional development,” which includes traveling to conferences. Typically, this money is reserved for matriculated undergraduate students only, who have completed at least one semester at SBU and have a minimum overall GPA of 2.85. The number and size of the awards depend upon the number of applications, the relevance of the proposed activity to the student's career goals, and the amount of funding available. Contact Marianna Savoca for more information on how to apply ( 

URECA (undergraduate students)

URECA has funding opportunities for undergraduate student research (, which includes travel to conferences ( It is not clear whether awards are only given to matriculated undergraduate students, or whether the awards can be given to non-matriculated or graduate students who are presenting research that was conducted while an undergrad. Awards are in the amount of $400. Application forms are available at the link above.

GSO (MBA students)

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) has two funding mechanisms available for graduate students. One award, for $500, is available to subsidize travel to conferences and is available on a rolling basis. A second, more competitive award, for $1,500, is issued only once per academic semester, and cannot be awarded to the same student twice. More details:

COB (undergraduate and MBA students) (tbd)

A small budget for conference funding may be established within the College of Business. If made available, the number and size of the awards will depend upon the number of applications, the amount of funding available, and the recommendations of faculty sponsors and area heads. 

Faculty Sponsors (undergraduate and MBA students)

Faculty advisors may agree to subsidize portions of the student’s travel expenses, pending faculty agreement and available funds. 

Conference Sponsors (undergraduate and MBA students)

Many professional societies have internal funding to support travel for students. See the conference website or email sponsoring organizations to inquire.


Students are encouraged to inquire about or apply to these funding sources at the time of submitting their work. Funding may be contingent on research being accepted to the conference.