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Stony Brook University

Systematic Review Guide

This guide covers all of the information you need to know in order to prepare for and conduct a systematic review.

Request Librarian Assistance

Health Science Librarians are available to assist you with your systematic review.

The Health Sciences Library offers support for Stony Brook researchers conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Librarians have specialized expertise in literature searching, controlled vocabularies, search strategy construction, and resource utilization and selection that can be highly valuable in the SR research process. Our services range from basic training and consultation to higher levels of involvement for which author credit is required, see list below.


Standard Support 

  • Advice on research question formulation 
  • Guidance on principles of Systematic Review 
  • Advice on database selection based on research topic 
  • Instruction on database platforms
  • Instruction on advanced search techniques 
  • Training on the use of citation management tools such as Endnote, Rayyan, Covidence.  

Author Credit Required for more in-depth involvement  

  • Developing and documenting search protocol
  • Creation of search strategies including the recommendation of controlled vocabulary terms
  • Translation of completed search strategies into multiple databases 
  • Running the search protocol and documenting results 
  • Downloading and de-duplicating the results, maintaining records in citation management software 
  • Participation in screening of results or establishing screening tool criteria
  • Writing Search methods section of manuscript including PRISMA flow chart