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Systematic Review Guide

This guide covers all of the information you need to know in order to prepare for and conduct a systematic review.

Health Science Databases

Check out Health Science Research Guides for more subject-specific database suggestions. 

Documenting the Search

It is mandatory to document the search process for each database. This includes all search terms used, their variations, the date when the searches were carried out, filters (such as type of subject, age, language), number of results from each search and date, number of duplicate results, and final number of results.


Clinical Trials

Conference Abstracts

There are a number of sources for conference/meeting abstracts.

Many, but not all, literature databases also index these and allow you to include or exclude them from your search.

Additionally, most associations and societies provide access to their conference proceedings on their websites and/or in their primary journal, usually as a supplement issue. Ones relevant to your topic can be searched directly.


Other Sources