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WRT 102

Use this guide to help you find research and writing processes that work for you!

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How can librarians help you?

The research process is not easy, and librarians can help you find, evaluate, and cite high quality sources. Here are some examples of how we might be able to help:​

  • Understand the differences between a wide variety of information types and formats that might be useful for your research project such as peer-reviewed journal articles, newspaper and magazine articles, research reports, conference papers, video and audio sources, archival sources, books and ebooks, literary sources, dissertations, podcasts, news broadcasts, blog posts, social media posts, websites, reference sources, and many more.
  • Think about what types of information will be the most valuable for your research project
  • Understand which databases will be the most useful for your research project
  • Brainstorm search terms
  • Structure a useful search to find more and better search results
  • Use database records to evaluate sources by finding the journal title, the subject terms, and the article abstract
  • Think critically about information you find on the open web
  • Citation questions in specific citation styles such as MLA or APA
  • Navigate an academic article
  • Plagiarism questions
  • Understand issues related to the value of information such as the Open Access movement
  • Troubleshoot access issues you might be having (links that don't work, for example)
  • Understand and use interlibrary loan to get access to content not at SBU
  • And much more!

About the Libraries

Our collection includes over 2 million books and e-books, over 100,000 e-journals; over 450 databases, and another 3.8 million titles in microforms.

Materials & Circulation

Fines & Fees

- Interlibrary Loan

Wifi & Web-Based Printing

- Sinc Sites

The North Reading Room (Science & Engineering Library), Central Reading Room, and Music Library are on the 1st floor of Melville Library and the Main Stacks entrance is on the 3rd floor. There are several Branch Libraries on campus as well.

The Health Sciences Library is located on the East Campus. You have access to their collection, both in print and online.

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