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Medical Education: Continuing Medical Education

Research and publication resources for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education.

CME at Stony Brook

What are Category 1 and Category 2 Credit Hours?

Category 1 and Category 2 are defined by the American Medical Association (AMA).

Category 1 activities are those that have been approved by an accredited provider. Your CME certificate will also state that the activity has been approved for Category 1 credit and name the institution or organization that is awarding the credit.

Category 2 credit hours consist of self-directed learning or courses that have not been through a formal approval process.

The following are some common examples of Category 2 activities: reading authoritative medical literature; teaching medical students, residents or other health care professionals; research projects; consultations with peers and experts; and using non-designated enduring materials.

Continuing Medical Education

CME Available Through the Health Sciences Library