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Stony Brook University

Copyright Guide

Reproduction Requests

Section 108 of U.S. copyright law is a limitation on the exclusive rights of copyright holders given to libraries and archives. This limitation allows libraries to make copies of copyrighted work for scenarios including, but not limited to: personal study, scholarship, and research; and, preservation.

  • Stony Brook University Libraries (SBU) makes judgements on reproduction requests based on the needs and purpose of each request. Any use of the copy made by the user beyond that is not supported by SBU Libraries, meaning any copies made from the copies provided by SBU Libraries is not condoned or approved by said institution.
  • Copies made by SBU Libraries is not an approval for publication of those copies.
  • If the patron making the reproduction request seeks a commercial use or publication of the copyrighted work the patron will need to seek permission from the copyright holder or determine if their use is fair by considering the 4 factors of Section 107 of U.S. Copyright Law.
  • SBU Libraries has the right to refuse a reproduction request if, in its judgement, the request is in violation of the law.

For reproduction requests for materials held by SBU Libraries Special Collections and University Archives please visit their Policies and Forms page.