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Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University Library Strategic Design 2015 - 2018, Operations & Facilities


Clean and comfortable physical appearance and properly functioned facilities are the essential elements for Libraries.  At night and on weekends, the Libraries' evening and weekend team manages the library's physical environment and face-to-face services so that students and faculty can take full advantage of the library's space and resources.


We provide a variety of physical spaces/facilities and user services during off-hours conducive to student and faculty learning and research.

Guiding Principles with Goals

Promote Academic Engagement

  • Survey to find out patron research needs in regard to facilities/space

  • Coordinate with other units such as TLT to offer optimum services


Build, Preserve, and Provide Access to Rich and Diverse Collections

  • Adjust shelf space to respond to changes in collection

  • Support preservation/emergency needs, keep manual updated regularly


Develop Responsive Library Spaces for Diverse Communities

  • Examine statistical data to access space usage

  • Designate NRR first floor as individual quiet study area

  • Designate and establish group study area/room on the first floor of CRR

  • Install more electrical outlet/charging stations and make those stations easy to access


Foster an Innovative Culture of Learning and Assessment

  • Improve/update public furniture

  • Consistent patrol in all public spaces to discourage food and control noise problem