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Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University Library Strategic Design 2015 - 2018, Access Services


Access Services provides students, faculty, staff and other library users with access to the library's resources and services, such as circulation, interlibrary loan, document delivery, reserves and stack maintenance to meet their research needs.


Access Services works to achieve our mission by collaborating with other library and university departments and with external partners to develop user-focused services that promote efficiency, ease of access and cost effective delivery of services.

Guiding Principles with Goals

Promote Academic Engagement
Create a uniform user experience based on equitable and consistent policies and procedures throughout the Stony Brook University Libraries

  • Uniform library practices across all library branches

Promote and market Access Services' services and offerings so that patrons are aware of the resources available to support academic pursuits

  • Increase outreach with student groups, faculty and community
  • Develop strategic alliances to enhance resource sharing and access to resources

Build, Preserve, and Provide Access to Rich and Diverse Collections

Collect, analyze and interpret data for improvement of library services, such as collection assessment, shelving space assessment and access policies

  • Conduct a user survey specific to Access Services
  • Work with selectors and liaisons to evaluate collection and deaccession to create more space and keep collection relevant
  • Evaluate storage and shelving needs at HSL

Develop services and policies that make access to our collections easier and equitable for patrons

  • Review alumni, Friends of the Library and courtesy borrower privileges
  • Update Access Services' web pages to be well organized and facilitate access to information

Develop Responsive Library Spaces for Diverse Communities

Evaluate use of space in Access Services' location and revise to meet user needs

  • Create plan for updated furniture, charging stations and/or access to more outlets
  • Investigate implementation of self-check out
  • Identify areas for dedicated student use
  • Create a Library Use Only area

Investigate options for offering locations for library service outside the library walls, such as additional book drops on campus and book delivery

  • Create plan for a book delivery service (to departments and/or library branches)
  • Develop plan for expanded Document Delivery service and promote

Foster an innovative culture of learning and assessment
Attend conferences, workshops and other training to increase knowledge of services and develop alliances with colleagues at other institutions.

  • Increased staff attendance at conference, workshops and other training

Provide training to Library staff to increase awareness of circulation, reserves and interlibrary loan services

  • Departmental open house to explain services and promote collaboration

Standardize equipment and resources to enable staff to efficiently and effectively perform their duties

  • Coordinate with IT to ensure all staff have same programs and versions of software
  • Update equipment to meet industry standards