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SBU: News and Media Sources

News and Media Collections, Stony Brook University.

Newspapers and Blogs

AA E-zine and SBU AA E-Zine


AA E-Zine / SBU AA E-Zine are bi-weekly online ‘newspapers’ with news & event info by and about the Asian American LI, metro NY & SBU campus communities. SBU AA E-Zine is for undergrad & grad students and alumni while AA E-Zine is for faculty, staff, alumni & the community.


Website: Facebook Site

Blackworld is a bi-weekly student news/feature/information newspaper focusing on issues of interest to the SBU African-American community and beyond. ​

Stony Brook Independent


The Stony Brook Independent started as the official, award-winning publication of the Stony Brook University campus chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Founded in 2004, the Independent aims to become a complete and  independent news source for anything that is happening at Stony Brook University, as well as a publication where the many varied, diverse opinions and viewpoints of the members of the University community can be expressed.

Stony Brook Press

Recent issues:


The Stony Brook Press is a bi-weekly student news/feature/information newspaper. 

The Osprey: An Eye on Long Island News

produced by JRN 320 students

The Patriot


The Stony Brook Statesman (original title: SUCOLIAN)

Recent issues:​

The Stony Brook Statesman is a twice-weekly published student newspaper focusing on all aspects of campus news, features and information.