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Citation Guides

This guide can help you learn how to properly format your bibliographies and papers in AMA, APA, Chicago and MLA citation styles, and avoid plagiarism.


Remember that all citations should be double-spaced and have hanging indentation!

Type Of Source Entry on Reference List Example
Article in a Newspaper Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Newspaper Day Month Year: sectionpages. Medium of publication. Krugman, Andrew. "Fear of Eating." New York Times 21 May 2007 late ed.: A1. Print.
Article in a Newspaper from a Database
Author(s)(if given)."Title of the Article." Title of the Periodical Date Month Year: section/page. Name of Database. Medium. Date accessed.
Huston, Margo. "Keeping a Foot in the Door: Catching Families before they Fall into Homelessness." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 22 Feb. 1998, Sunday final ed.: News 1. LexisNexis. Online. 30 Mar. 2011.
Local Newspaper Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Newspaper [City, State] Day Month Year: sectionpages. Medium of publication. Behre, Robert. "Presidential Hopefuls Get Final Crack at Core of S.C. Democrats." Post and Courier [Charleston, SC] 29 Apr. 2007: A11. Print.
Review Review Author. "Title of Review (if there is one)." Rev. of Performance Title, by Author/Director/Artist. Title of Periodical day month year: page. Medium of publication. Seitz, Matt Zoller. "Life in the Sprawling Suburbs, If You Can Really Call It Living." Rev. of Radiant City, dir. Gary Burns and Jim Brown. New York Times 30 May 2007 late ed.: E1. Print.
Editorial "Title of Editorial." Editorial. Title of Newspaper edition Day Month Year: sectionpage. Meduim of publication. "Of Mines and Men." Editorial. Wall Street Journal east. ed. 24 Oct. 2003: A14. Print.