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Stony Brook University

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Bridge Instructions


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Access is for Stony Brook faculty, students, and staff only --  please do not share this login information.


How to Search

1) Go to Opportunities and then Opportunity Search

2) Next to Opportunity Type, click the Add/Remove button

3) Click the + next to the category you are interested in, and check the appropriate boxes, then click continue

4) If you are searching for auditions, teaching jobs, or competitions, select your Instrument/Voice Type

5) If you are searching for a particular competition or festival, try the Keyword search

6) If you are searching for upcoming grants, competitions, or festivals, try the Deadline field—enter the month you want to search, e.g. “March.” This will bring up opportunities whose deadlines are in the month of March.

Helpful hints:

If your search yields no or few results, your criteria were too specific. Click on Change Criteria and simplify your search.

Use the “Cookie Crumb Trail” to navigate your Search Results. When viewing a particular opportunity, instead of using the “back” button to return to the search results, find the “Cookie Crumb Trail” in the upper left where it says “Job Search -> Job Profile.” Click on “Job Search” to return to your search results.

You can select more than one instrument, state, or country by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking on the desired criteria