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Stony Brook University

Documenting COVID-19: Stony Brook University Experiences

A Guide to the Special Library Collecting Initiative and Related Resources

Course Integration

Guide to Integrating the Digital Collection Initiative into the Curriculum

Thank you for considering integrating this initiative into your syllabus and course. The entire Stony Brook University community was invited to participate in this rapid-response collecting project from September through June 2021. Documenting the experiences of our students during the COVID-19 pandemic was a vital component. 

Link to the guide for the entire project:

Suggested Assignments

  • Choose an item from the collection and place it in personal, local, and larger contexts.

  • Write a personal narrative about life during the pandemic. 

  • Conduct an interview with a friend or family member about life during the pandemic.

  • Create digital artwork, photography, recordings, films, and forms of digital storytelling about experiences.

Possible Prompts

  • How has the pandemic affected or impacted your education?

  • How did you spend your time in quarantine?

  • What is it like to take classes remotely over Zoom?

  • What is the student experience like from your perspective as either a commuter or resident, and how do you keep in touch with fellow students?