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Classification of Materials in the
Health Sciences Library

The National Library of Medicine classification scheme covers the field of medicine and related sciences. This scheme is a system of classification intended to be used for the shelf arrangement of all library materials, regardless of format. All material, other than serials, is arranged using this system in the Health Sciences Library. For exact call numbers, please use the on-line catalog.

Preclinical Sciences:

  • QS Human Anatomy
  • QT Physiology
  • QU Biochemistry
  • QV Pharmacology
  • QW Microbiology and Immunology
  • QX Parasitology
  • QY Clinical Pathology
  • QZ Pathology

Medicine and Related Subjects:

  • W Health Professions
  • WA Public Health
  • WB Practice of Medicine
  • WC Communicable Diseases
  • WD 100 Nutrition Disorders
  • WD 200 Metabolic Diseases
  • WD 300 Immunologic and Collagen Diseases. Hypersensitivity
  • WD 400 Animal Poisons
  • WD 500 Plant Poisons
  • WD 600 Diseases and Injuries Caused by Physical Agents
  • WD 700 Aviation and Space Medicine
  • WE Musculoskeletal System
  • WF Respiratory System
  • WG Cardiovascular System
  • WH Hemic and Lymphatic Systems
  • WI Digestive System
  • WJ Urogenital System
  • WK Endocrine System
  • WL Nervous System
  • WM Psychiatry
  • WN Radiology. Diagnostic Imaging
  • WO Surgery
  • WP Gynecology
  • WQ Obstetrics
  • WR Dermatology
  • WS Pediatrics
  • WT Geriatrics. Chronic Disease
  • WU Dentistry. Oral Surgery
  • WV Otolaryngology
  • WW Ophthalmology
  • WX Hospitals and Other Health Facilities
  • WY Nursing
  • WZ History of Medicine