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Stony Brook University

Anti-Racism Research Guide

This guide is a hub for information pertaining to anti-racism and social justice. This guide includes non-Stony Brook and Stony Brook-created content. Special thanks to the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer for funding the resources highlighted here.

Image of Stony Brook University students during Black Lives Matter protest on October 21, 2020.











Using This Guide

Welcome to the Anti-Racism Research Guide! 

This guide provides a variety of resources on topics of anti-racism and social justice. On the left hand navigation bar, you will find a tab for:

  • eBooks & Books: these anti-racist books can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlinked book titles. The eBooks were purchased through the generosity and funding from the Office of the Chief Diversity Officer, special thanks to Dr. Judi Brown Clarke.
  • Databases & Journals: these are databases and academic journals specifically focused on African-American and African history, literature, and diaspora
  • Streaming Videos & Media: these are embedded open access streaming videos and other linked media relating to racism and oppression (titles include: 13th and Strong Island)
  • External Digital Resources: this page includes digital collections centered on African American lives and culture. There is a sub-page dedicated to other recommended resources 
  • SBU's Anti-Racism Response: this page hosts anti-racist articles, podcasts, and other media produced by the Stony Brook community. Here you will also find the link to participate in the University Libraries Racial Unrest Digital Project 
  • Campus Groups & Services: this page lists student groups and campus offices/programs that support Black and BIPOC students as well as staff
  • Additional SBU Research Guides: this is a list of other research guides that may be useful in research related to diversity and social justice

To assist with your search, here are some helpful search terms:
Word Cloud containing anti-racism search terms, including: white privilege, systemic racism, and police brutality.

Additional terms and definitions can be found in this glossary compiled by Racial Equity Tools.