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Athletic Training Michael Huang
Bioinformatics, Genetics and Computational Biology Jessica Koos
Biomedical Engineering Jessica Koos
Biomedical Informatics Jessica Koos
Biomedical Research Jessica Koos
Clinical Laboratory Sciences Jessica Koos
Dental Medicine Jamie Saragossi
Endnote for Health Sciences Jamie Saragossi
Evidence-Based Medicine Jamie Saragossi
Health Care Policy and Management Michael Huang
Health Technology and Management Michael Huang
LI State Veteran's Home Gregg Stevens
Medical Humanities Jamie Saragossi
Medical Images, Video and Audio Jamie Saragossi
Medical Student Resources Jessica Koos/Gregg Stevens
Medicine Jessica Koos/Gregg Stevens
mMedEd Gregg Stevens
NIH Public Access Policy Clara Tran
Nursing Jessica Koos/Gregg Stevens
Nutrition Jamie Saragossi
Occupational Therapy Michael Huang
Patient Education Michael Huang
Physical Therapy Michael Huang
Physician Assistant Michael Huang
Psychiatry Resources Gregg Stevens
Psychology Jessica Koos
Public Health Gregg Stevens
Publishing in the Health Sciences Jamie Saragossi
Respiratory Care Michael Huang
Social Welfare Jamie Saragossi
Systematic Reviews Jamie Saragossi 



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SBU Health Sciences Librarians

Health Sciences Librarians support the educational, research and clinical activities of the Stony Brook University faculty, students, researchers and hospital staff.

The Health Sciences Library supports teaching, research and patient care in six programs: Dental Medicine, Health Technology and Management, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Social Welfare. The Library also supports biomedical research and patient care for the University Hospital and the Long Island State Veterans Home.

Contact the librarian listed for your department or school shown on the right, or send email to: or call 631-444-2512.

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