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Stony Brook University

Applied Economics

What Resources Should I Use?

If you need: Try using:


Somewhere to start your research   


Academic Search Complete

Background information                   


Books, encyclopedias (Britannica Online), dictionaries (Oxford English Dictionary), or other reference material.

Current research on a subject


*JSTOR is a back issues database and won’t have the most current research.


Academic or scholarly articles





Info on both sides of “hot topic” issues like abortion or gun control


Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center


Up-to-the-minute information like stock prices, news, sports scores


Newspapers, the Internet or databases: LexisNexis Academic


LexisNexis Statistical Universe, Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center or government websites


Popular articles


Magazines or Academic Search Complete


Contemporary accounts of historical events


New York Times Archive or other newspapers on microfilm.

Primary Sources (letters, diaries, government reports, photographs, maps, manuscripts, etc.)


American MemoryEmpire Online 

North American Women's Letters and Diaries, Colonial to 1950

Women and Social Movements in the United States


Autobiographies, memoirs, correspondence, or letters.