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Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University Library Strategic Design 2015 - 2018, Administrative Support


Library Administration provides support to Library employees in the areas of recruitment, classification and compensation, payroll, personnel, labor relations, budget and procurement.


Library Administration Office works to achieve our mission by supporting all library units with budget and personnel to ensure compliance with university and SUNY policy and procedures enabling them to achieve library and research initiatives.

Guiding Principles with Goals

Promote Academic Engagement

  • Re-design Library Administration section on library webpage to be more user-friendly. Include Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Library Administration areas.
  • Develop Communication Initiatives. Send out email announcements to faculty/staff at the beginning of every semester and as needed with important deadlines and University and SUNY Policy changes.

Build, Preserve, and Provide Access to Rich and Diverse Collections

  • Streamline workflow process of obtaining required signatures of electronic resources license agreements with Procurement Office to ensure continuous user access to electronic collections.
  • Collaborate with Resource Management Administration on refining invoices processing for east and west campus.

Develop Responsive Library Spaces for Diverse Communities

  • Evaluate the use of space in Library Administration Office to meet the needs of our library faculty, staff and student employees effectively.
  • Assessing Library Administration activities to ensure that we are providing optimal support for improvements to library facilities and technologies.  Collaborate with Library Facilities/Operations and Library IT on future improvements to Library Space (office moves, networking upgrades and computer equipment purchases).

As part of Library Administration Strategic Plan Guiding Principle 3Develop Responsive Library Spaces for Diverse Communities, Library Personnel and Student Employment Office moved to a new location to allow us to meet the needs of our library faculty, staff and student employees more effectively.  

Foster an Innovative Culture of Learning and Assessment

  • Provide funding and support to Library Staff as they master new competencies and transition to new roles to foster a culture of learning and assessment. List clear staff development guidelines and forms on StaffWeb to enable faculty/staff to attend conferences and workshops to increase knowledge of services, develop alliances with colleagues at other institutions and meet their research needs.
  • Develop Communication Initiatives to inform Library Faculty/Staff of upcoming training workshops offered by Human Resources Services, etc.