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SOC 330: Media & Society

Selected resources and research tools for SOC 330.


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Gisele Schierhorst
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Use this guide to:

  • Find articles & search research databases
  • Find books
  • Get help with your research
  • Discover citation tools

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Research Starter

SEARCH Everything

Searches research databases, journals, our catalogs, and more | HELP

Searching Tips

Searching tips to narrow or broaden results

  • Boolean operators

    • (can be in source) twitter OR facebook

    • (must be in source) social media AND activism

    • (must not be in source) media NOT television

  • Quotes: “occupy wall street”

  • Parenthesis: (twitter OR facebook) AND activism

  • Truncation: “social media” AND politic* [politic, political, politics, politically]

  • Other limiters:

    • source (scholarly, popular),

    • subject/thesaurus: genetically modified organisms -> transgenic organisms

    • date,

    • full-text,

    • document type/primary/secondary (article, review, report, interview, statistics, map, image, video)

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