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Stony Brook University

Alerting Services


Register with ProQuest's My Research for the following services:

  • Save documents and searches across ProQuest sessions. That means if you visit your library today, create a My Research account, and then save a few documents and some searches to your account…they’ll still be there—in your account—when you visit your library, tomorrow…or next week.
  • Create folders to save and manage documents you find relevant to your research.
  • Save and manage search alerts, publication alerts, and RSS feeds.
  • Teachers, librarians, and administrators can use the ProQuest Search Widget, to put a fully customizable search box on any Web page.
  • Set ProQuest preferences that will be in effect during any ProQuest session when you are signed in to your account.
  • Tag documents with words or phrases you think are relevant or suggestive of a document’s content or focus. Then, share those tags with other users in the ProQuest community—or keep your tags private, so only you see them.
  • Create lists of documents that you find interesting, important, or otherwise noteworthy. Then, share your list with the ProQuest community. Lists, along with tags, are a great way to share research ideas and inspirations with users in libraries and schools around the world.

Unlike many databases and publishers, Project Muse does not require you to have an account.

At this time, there are no SEARCH ALERTS available. Services include CONTENT ALERTS.

Email Alerts

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