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Stony Brook University

Long Island Gravestone Studies: Research Sources

Featuring the Richard F. Welch Collection, a special collection at Stony Brook University.

Silvanus White stone - detail


Detail of  headstone of Hannah Peirson (d. 1777), wife of Job Peirson, Sagg Cemetery in Sagaponack New York. From the Richard F. Welch Collection.

Books by Richard F. Welch

Welch, R. F. (1983). Memento Mori: the Gravestones of Early Long Island, 1680-1801. Syosset, NY: Friends for Long Island Heritage.  (Special Collections F127.L8 W44 1983)

Welch, R. F. (1993). An Island’s Trade: Nineteenth Century Shipbuilding on Long Island. Mystic, CT: Mystic Seaport Museum.  (Special Collections  & Main Library Stacks VM299.6.N72 W44 1993)

MacKay, R. B., Welch, R. F., & Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities. (2000). Long Island: an illustrated history. Sun Valley, Calif.: American Historical Press.  (Main Library Stacks & Special Collections F127 .L8 L5 2000)

Welch, R. F. (2005). The Boy General: The Life And Careers Of Francis Channing Barlow. OH: Kent State University Press.

Welch, R. F. (2009). King of the Bowery: Big Tim Sullivan, Tammany Hall, and New York City from the Gilded Age to the Progressive Era. NY: State University of New York Press.

Susannah Wiggins stone

Wiggins, Susannah, 7 July 1791, Sterling Cemetery, Greenport, NY. Image 10 from the Richard F. Welch Collection.

Books, Pamphlets, and Journals

Association for Gravestone Studies., & Friends for Long Island's Heritage. (1986). Long Island, N.Y. graveyards (including lower Manhattan Island): Worcester, Mass.: Association for Gravestone Studies. (Special Collections NB1856.N72 L75 1986)

Association for Gravestone Studies. (1980). Markers: the annual journal of the Association for Gravestone Studies. [Worcester?, Mass.]: The Association.  (Main Library Stacks E159.5 .M28, v. 1-10 (1979/1980-1993))

Duval, F. Y., & Rigby, I. B. (1978). Early American gravestone art in photographs: . New York: Dover Publications. (Main Library Stacks NB1856.N4 D8 1978)

Forbes, H. M. (1967). Gravestones of early New England, and the men who made them, 1653-1800: . New York: Da Capo Press. (Main Library Stacks NB1855 .F6 1967)

Gabel, L. K., & Association for Gravestone Studies. (1989). A basic guide to carver research: an interview. Needham, Mass.: Association for Gravestone Studies. (Special Collections NB1855 .G23 1989)

Stone, G., & Stony Brook University. Dept. of Anthropology. (1978). Colonial Long Island gravestones and trade networks. (Main Library Stacks F127.L8 L48)

Stone, G., & Stony Brook University. Dept. of Anthropology. (1987). Spatial and material aspects of culture: ethnicity and ideology in Long Island gravestones, 1670-1820. (Main Library Stacks F127.L8 L488 1987)

Wasserman, T. E. (1972). Gravestone designs: rubbings and photographs from early New York & New Jersey. New York: Dover Publications. (Main Library Stacks NB1856.N5 W37 1972).

Benjamin Woolsey stone - detail


Woolsey, Benjamin, n.d., Woolsey Burial Ground, Glen Cove, NY. Image 38 from the Richard F. Welch Collection.