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Accessing Library Resources Off-Campus: Home

Accessing Resources Through LibKey

LibKey offers several methods for accessing library resources on and off campus. They are designed to save you time by linking you directly to an article PDF whenever possible and also check your access to articles based on Stony Brook's subscriptions even while browsing other websites. There are four different resources that LibKey offers:

LibKey Discovery

These links will automatically appear in the library's catalog as "Download PDF" links on resource records:

By clicking the "Download PDF" link, LibKey takes you directly to the PDF without having to open the library record and choose a database for access. The links will prompt you for your NetID and password, but no other action is required for you to use this LibKey resource.

LibKey Link:

These links appear on websites like Google Scholar to help you access resources you find outside of the library catalog and database list. The links will usually say "Full Text at Stony Brook" and if you click it, LibKey will take you directly to the PDF if possible:

If it can't find the PDF, it will take you to the library's catalog so you can use the links there or request the resource via ILL.

Please note: In Google Scholar, you have to update your settings to see these "Full Text @ Stony Brook" links. If you go to settings > Library Links and search for Stony Brook University and add it, that will cause the links to appear in your searches.

LibKey Nomad

This is a google chrome extension you can install that will provide "Download PDF" links on these websites/databases:

  1. PubMed
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Web of Science
  4. Scopus
  6. UpToDate
  7. Micromedex

This is a search engine that will quickly find you a link to a specific article you're looking for. You need the DOI or PMID for the article to search for it. The main use of this resource is to see if the library has access to a specific article you need.