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Stony Brook University

Integrating Library Resources Into Blackboard: Streaming Video in Blackboard

This guide will show you how to find, link to, and otherwise make use of the most appropriate library resources for your online teaching in Blackboard.

Embedding Streaming Video

We have a number of subscriptions to streaming video resources. When available, you will have two options of integrating content into Blackboard:

  • By linking out to the content in the database platform
  • By embedding the content to play within Blackboard


Find the video you want to use.


1. Click the Share button.

2. Copy the Share Link URL.


3. Create a Web Link in Blackboard using the video's URL.

To Embed

1. Click on Share and then Embed. Copy the embed code.

4. In Blackboard, click on Documents and Create Item.

5. Name the item and choose HTML in the text box before pasting the code into the box.

6. Film will display in Blackboard. 



You can see the Libraries' currently licensed Swank videos here. You can also use SEARCH to look for a specific title.

Once you have found the video you want in Swank:

1. Click on Copy Direct Link. The URL will be copied to your clipboard.
Swank video links.

2. In your Blackboard Course, create a Web Link with the URL.

3. Students will be able to click on the link from off campus and view the video.