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A-Z Databases

Find the best library databases for your research.


New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Includes 600+ classic and contemporary productions in live-capture and audio formats from Digital Theatre+ and partners such as Shakespeare’s Globe, BroadwayHD and the BBC, 800+ video resources such as insights from casts, creatives and academics to give context and enrich students’ learning, and 21,000+ written resources like essays, guides, lesson plans and more give an in-depth look at a play or topic.
NOTE: Link goes to a list of databases, choose "eBook Subscription Medical Collection" from the list to access that collection.

This subscription collection features thousands of hand-selected e-books designed for use in clinical settings, biomedical libraries and academic-medical institutions.
This research database offers content covering important issues related to race in society today. Essays, articles, reports and other sources provide an in-depth look at the history of race and provide context for learning more about topics associated with race, ethnicity, diversity and inclusiveness.
NOTE: Link goes to a list of databases, choose Health Business Elite from the list to access the collection.

Health Business Elite provides comprehensive journal content detailing all aspects of health care administration and other non-clinical aspects of health care institution management.
Subscription to content on the NYT website and mobile app, including:
· 24/7 breaking news
· Archives (dating back to 1851) at
· Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality - found in the App; NYT stories told through enhanced technology
· Daily 360 content - two dimensional, 360° views (with mobile device or using a mouse)
· Podcasts (including The "Daily" podcast)
· All multimedia, including video, photography, VR features, and new multimedia to come.
· Newsletters (there are a variety of topics that you may subscribe to)
· Spanish and Mandarin Chinese versions of

To access NYT content, click the database link above and select "SUNY Stony Brook University" from the drop down. New users must register with their SBU email address.
APA PsycTests is a database of psychological tests and measures designed for use with social and behavioral science research. It provides test types including test batteries, questionnaires, rating scales, surveys, and much more.

It allows you to instantly find and download instruments for research and/or teaching. Focused primarily on unpublished tests, this database was designed to save researchers time from having to reproduce tests when conducting research on previously measured constructs.

Each record provides a summary of the construct and users can find information on reliability, validity, and factor analysis when that data is reported in the source document. Records include supplemental information such as datasets, answer keys, scoring sheets, and test manuals, when available. Instructors can refer to the record’s Permissions field to easily determine if a test may be used for teaching.
An exam prep system with more than 550 board review, certification, and school practice exams covering specialties in medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and allied health.

To access, register for an account using an email address affiliated with Stony Brook University or Stony Brook Medicine then click on “Quiz Builder”.