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Stony Brook University

THR 104: Play Analysis: Primary Sources

Subscription Databases: Historical Newspapers (Use Net ID)

Newspaper Archives on the Internet


Stony Brook has one of the largest microform collections in the U.S.  Items can be searched via STARS. Jon Hufford’s guide to the collection, MICROFORMS HOLDINGS, A SELECT LIST (.doc) (2nd edition, 1990), can also be helpful.

  • New York Theatre, 1919-1961 - Microfiche A336, with a guide @ Microforms Library PN2277.N5 V3

Ø  26,000 photographs from the Vandamm Collection in The New York Public Library of the Performing Arts.

Ø  Includes photographs of theater productions and Handlist of stage productions

  • Theatre Playbills from the Harvard Theatre Collection (1982) - Microfilm 732

Ø  Documentary material pertaining to the history of the performing arts, including the fields of theater, dance and ballet, and opera and musical theater

  • Theatre Playbills (1977) - Microfiche A180
  • Plays and Players (1970) - Microfirm A107 44:6

Library Databases

Magazine & Journal Collections (Use Net ID)

  • American Antiquarian Society Historical Periodicals Collection 

    The American Antiquarian Society Historical Periodicals Collection is the largest collection of North-American-focused historical periodicals available for purchase. Comprised of over 10 million pages, this collection contains approximately 7600 distinct periodical titles, all published between 1691 and 1877. The collection touches on a range of subject areas, including, but not limited to: science, technology, medicine, Native American and African American populations, law, politics, government, music, the arts, literature, language, publishing, agriculture, business and industry, advertising and marketing, religion, philosophy, social movements, military matters, and leisure activities.

  • American Periodicals Series 

    Full-text. 1741-1930. Over 1,100 American magazines spanning 200 years and covering nearly every aspect of American culture, especially its history, science, literature, music, legal structures, agriculture, theater, and politics. Titles range from Benjamin Franklin's General Magazine (first published in 1741) and America's first scientific journals, Medical Repository, as well as Scientific American, to literary and professional journals, specialized titles, and such well-known popular magazines as Vanity Fair, Ladies' Home Journal and The Dial.




More Primary Sources

For more information on and links to resources, visit the Primary Sources Subject Guide.

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