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Stony Brook University

HIS 301 – Race and Gender in 20th Century American Culture: Home

How to Use Print & Microforms

Most newspapers and popular magazines available online only go back to the early 1980s.  To find material from before that time period, you will need to consult:

Print versions of Newspaper Indexes. Located in the Central Reading Room. Indexes covering the 1970s: New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and The Times.

For popular MAGAZINES, such as Time, Newsweek, and Good Housekeeping, use Readers' Guide to Periodical LiteratureCRR Reference-Encyclopedias-AI3.R48 (1900 - )

Most older magazines will be available in microforms, or in bound print volumes in the Main Stacks.

You will need the name of the magazine and date of the article. Use the JOURNAL CATALOG in STARS to search for the magazine by title.  When you find it, check the SUMMARY HOLDINGS and HOLDINGS LOCATION for the location and format of the newspaper/magazine for your specific date. 

EXAMPLE: If you are looking for an article from Time magazine for 1974, search for Time in the journal catalog. You will see that 1974 is available in print in the Main Stacks, call number AP2 .T37 OVERSIZE x, and in the microforms collection in the Central Reading room on Microfiche A380.

Newspapers in Microforms at Stony Brook

Major Historical Sets

  • Early American Newspapers – Microfilm A565
  • Early American Newspapers, 1704-1820 – Microprint 4
  • Underground Newspaper Collection* – Microfilm A178 [1963-1985]

Index to Underground Newspaper Collection: Microforms Library Z6944.U5 B4 [1963-1985]

  • Alternative Press Collection* – Microfilm A178 [1986 – present]

Alternative press. A guide to the microform collection Z6944.U5 B4 [1986-present]

Other Major Papers

  • New York Herald [1840-1919] – Microfilm A1
  • New York Tribune / Daily Tribune / Herald Tribune [1841-1966] Microfilm 123
  • Christian Science Monitor [1908-1925, 1960-present] Microfilm A26

Major Foreign Newspapers

  • The Times (London, England) [1788-present] – Microfilm A6
  • Le Monde (Paris, France) [1944-present] – Microfilm A4
  • Le Temps (Paris, France : 1861) [1861-1942] – Microfilm A3
  • Pravda (Moscow, Russia) [1917,1921-1975] – Microfilm A161

African-American Newspapers

  • New York Amsterdam News (1919-present) – Microfilm A128
  • Chicago Defender (1905-1966) – Microfilm A395
  • Pittsburgh Courier [weekly] (1923-1947) – Microfilm A238

Special Collections

Have historic newspapers for Long Island.  Original newsprint copies and microfilm.  Most but not all titles are in STARS.  Consult with Kristen or Jason.




  • New York Times: Newspaper Indexes AI21 .N44 [1851- present]
  • The Times (London, England) Newspaper Indexes AI21.T5 [1790-present]
  • Christian Science Monitor: Newspaper Indexes AI21.c3 [1946-1994]
  • Le Monde: Newspaper Indexes AI21.m6 [1944-1968]
  • Wall Street Journal: Newspaper Indexes HG1.W26 [1955-present]
  • Washington Post: Newspaper Indexes AI21.W33 W36 [1971-1995]
  • Newsday: Newspaper Indexes AI21.N5 [1977-1985]
  • Alternative Press Index: Main Stacks [1969-5 years ago-ish].

Card Catalog Drawer

Located at the Reference Desk.  Indexes newspapers by state/region.


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