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WRT 101 Reich: Home

A guide for students in WRT 101

Is This You?

This guide can help.

Off-Campus Access

Use your NetID and password to access library resources when off-campus.

Other Relevant Guides

Helpful Websites

Check the following websites for information on medical topics.


The purpose of this guide is to help students find appropriate materials for doing college level research.

Do NOT use the search box above to search for articles - go the Find Articles tab and search one of the databases listed there.

Use the tabs above to navigate the site.

  • Find Articles - Find a list of databases where you can get scholarly, academic, peer-reviewed, popular, and news articles on your research topic.
  • Find Books - Find print and eBooks related to your topic.
  • Where Can I Find...? Where to look for the type of information you need.
  • What Do I Do When...? Ways to resolve various search problems.
  • Research Tutorials - Interactive and video tutorials to help you with your research.
  • Citation - Find out about tools and sites that offer help with handling citation.
  • Plagiarism - Make sure you understand the issues involved including examples of good and bad paraphrasing.


Wikipedia is not the only encyclopedia. If you are looking for a more authoritative encyclopedia that you can cite in your paper try one of the encyclopedias listed below. 

Primary Sources at Stony Brook University

To find primary sources at Stony Brook, access the collections of the University Libraries

You can include various words in your search that will help you locate primary source material.  A good general word to include would be sources.

For example, if you are looking for primary sources on slavery, you can do a "keyword" search for slavery and sources.

Also try these Library of Congress subject headings that are often used for primary sources:

  • Correspondence
  • Diaries
  • Interviews
  • Personal narratives

Online Dictionaries

Getting Help

If you're having trouble finding material for your paper, take advantage of the Library's Research Assistance.

Contact information is on the right side of this page.  Send an email.

Instant Messaging. Use the instant messaging system on the right side of this page and and on other pages throughout the Library web site.  The service is available M-F 9-5.

Email a question.  We’ll respond within 24 hours.

Visit the Reference Desk in the Central Reading Room (CRR).  There are librarians until 5 pm M-F and trained employees until the CRR closes at 2 AM.  See our HOURS.

Call the Reference Desk at 631-632-7110.  If you're at home, you can call until 2 AM Sun-Wed.  See our HOURS.

Reference Librarian