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University Libraries Web 2.0. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and more.

Why Social Media & Networking?

University Libraries maintains a presence on myriad Web 2.0 social media and networking sites.  These websites are popular "third spaces" that provide us with an opportunity to connect with the SBU Community beyond our physical location and website.  Our reasons for participating include:

  • Outreach Many of our patrons, especially students, are active in social networking sites.  We use sites like Facebook to maintain an online presence that is a gateway to our services, resources, news and events.
  • Interaction/ Reference Social networking sites provide platforms for online interaction.  Many libraries and universities use sites like Twitter to interact with students, faculty and others in the online community.
  • Online Media Library The image sharing site Flickr includes an active community of libraries, universities and institutions (the Smithsonian, the White House, Yale Libraries, Stony Brook University, the Library of Congress, and many more); we use Flickr for easily and effectively organizing and providing access to digital images and collections.


University Libraries 2.0

Stony Brook University 2.0

Stony Brook University maintains an active presence on a number of Web 2.0 sites: