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Robert Tolliver

Robert Tolliver

Head, Science and Engineering

Liaison: EngineeringGeosciencesMaps, & MASIC
NS2-B Melville Library | 631.632.1122

How can Robert help you?

Bob Tolliver is Head of Science and Engineering and specializes in earth sciences and engineering. Prior to joining Stony Brook University, he was the earth sciences librarian at Penn State University, an engineering librarian at the University of Michigan, and a geology instructor at the University of South Carolina Upstate.

His research interests include science and engineering information, scholarly communication, and the earth sciences.



  • MLIS, University of South Carolina
  • PhD, Geology, University of Tennessee
  • MS, Geology, Western Michigan University
  • BS, Geology, Michigan State University

Selected Publications, Presentations & Service

Higgins, M., DeVito, J, Stieglitz, S., Tolliver, R., and Tran, C. (2017), Better Together: An Examination of Collaborative Publishing between Librarians and STEM and Health Sciences Faculty. Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship, Spring. doi:10.5062/F4Z60M1R

Chase, D., Trapasso, E., and Tolliver, R. (2016), The Perfect Storm: Examining User Experience and Conducting a Usability Test to Investigate a Disruptive Academic Library Web Site Redevelopment. Journal of Web Librarianship, 10(1), 28-44. doi: 10.1080/19322909.2015.1124740

Tolliver, R. L., and J. P. Mathews (2012), Reviews of Science for Science Librarians: Coal Science and Technology
Research 1970–2010, Science & Technology Libraries, 31(2), 146-­163. doi: 10.1080/0194262x.2012.679242

Tolliver, R. L. (2009), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Data Sources, Documents to the
People (DttP), 37(3), 9­11.

Tolliver, R. L., D. S. Carter, S. E. Chapman, P. M. Edwards, J. E. Fisher, A. L. Haines, L. E. Krolikowski, and R. M.
Price (2005), Website redesign and testing with a usability consultant: lessons learned, OCLC Systems & Services,
21(3), 156-­166. doi: 10.1108/10650750510612362

Book Chapters
Tolliver, R. L. (2012), Environment Engineering, in Using the Engineering Literature, 2nd Edition, edited by B. A. Osif, pp
277­-315, CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton, FL.

Tolliver, R. L., and J. D. Wilkins (2012), Subject Library Web Pages: Uniqueness and Continuity across the Library’s
Website, in Printed Past, Digital Future: We Hold the Key, edited by R. Kimball, pp. 41­-47, Geoscience Information
Society, Portland, Oregon.

Books (edited)
Tolliver, R. L. (Ed.) (2013), Geoscience Information: Investing in the Future, 103 pp., Geoscience Information Society,
Alexandria, VA.

McKinney, M. L., R. L. Tolliver, and P. Shariff (Eds.) (1998), Current Perspectives in Geology, 255 pp., Wadsworth
Publishing Co., Belmont, CA.

Tolliver, R., & Nyitray, K., Long Island GIS 2017 Fall User Conference, Stony Brook, NY, "Historic and Recent Maps of Long Island," Invited Oral Presentation. (November 16, 2017).

Tolliver, R., American Geosciences Institute Leadership Forum 2017, Washington, DC, "Access to data and information," Invited Oral Presentation. (September 11, 2017).

Chase, D., McGivney, C., Tolliver, R., & Tran, C. (Presenters), SUNYLA 2017 – The Global Library: Diversity through Collections, Spaces, & Services, Stony Brook, NY, “Fake Journals: How Can You Tell if a Journal is Legitimate?,” Oral Presentation (June 15, 2017).

Higgins, M., DeVito, J., Stieglitz, S., Tolliver, R., & Tran, C., Adelphi University Libraries Research and Innovation Forum, Garden City, NY, "Better together: An examination of collaborative publishing between librarians and STEM and health sciences faculty," Invited Oral Presentation. (May 3, 2017).

Higgins, M., DeVito, J., Stieglitz, S., Tolliver, R., & Tran, C., Stony Brook University Libraries Colloquium Series, Stony Brook, NY, "Better together: An examination of collaborative publishing between librarians and STEM and health sciences faculty," Oral Presentation (April 13, 2017).

McGivney, C., & Tolliver, R., Stony Brook University Open Access Symposium, Stony Brook, NY, “Open Access Resources for Online Education,” Poster Presentation. (October 25, 2016).

Higgins, M., DeVito, J, Stieglitz, S., Tolliver, R., & Tran, C. (Presenters),  SUNYLA 2016 - Convergence: Libraries from Every Direction, Binghampton, NY, “Mapping the Convergence of Library and Faculty Research in the Sciences,” Oral Presentation. (June 10, 2016).

Tolliver, R., L., Stony Brook University Open Access Symposium, Stony Brook, NY, “Do Open Access Articles Have an Impact?,” Poster Presentation. (October 22, 2015).

Chase, D., Tolliver, R., L., & Trapasso, E. (Presenters), Stony Brook University Libraries’ Research Forum, Stony Brook, NY, “Discovering a Solution: How SBU Libraries are Changing Patrons’ Search Methods,” Oral Presentation. (May 7, 2015).

Calvin, A., Folmar, M., Hswe, P., Imler, B. B., Novotny, E. C., Tolliver, R. L., & Whiteside, A., Web 2011: Web
Conference for Penn State Web Professionals, University Park, PA, “We’ve Built It, but Can They Use it? Usability
Testing of the Libraries’ Website,” Poster Presentation. (June 13, 2011).

Tolliver, R. L., & Calvin, A. (Presenters), Penn State Web 2010 Conference, University Park, PA, “Usability and
Redesign of the Penn State University Libraries Web Site,” Oral Presentation. (June 7, 2010).

Professional Service
Geoscience Information Society, President (2017-present)
Geoscience Information Society, Vice-President/President-Elect (2016-2017)
Geoscience Information Society, GSIS Newsletter, Editor (2015-2017)
Geoscience Information Society, Website Committee, Chair (2012-­2013)
Special Libraries Association, Engineering Division, Chair (2007)
Special Libraries Association, Engineering Division, Chair-Elect (2006)
Special libraries Association, Engineering Division, Secretary (2004-2006)
SUNY Librarians Association, SUNYLA 2017 Local Arrangements Committee, Chair (2016-2017)

University of Michigan Libraries “We Did It!” Award for the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library’s website redesign
project (2003)