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Library Liaison Profiles: All Profiles, A-Z

All Liaisons

Library liaisons are subject experts who collaborate with teaching faculty and serve academic schools, departments and programs.  Liaisons provide in-depth research assistance and course-integrated instruction on the research process, with an emphasis on aligning with the Stony Brook Curriculum requirements of "evaluating and synthesizing researched information."  Liaisons are also responsible for building diverse and relevant collections and pathways to accessing those resources.  We are always available to meet and discuss what the library can do for you.  See the Library Research & Subject Guides.


Topic Guide Liaison Librarian
Africana Studies Gisele Schierhorst
Anthropology Gisele Schierhorst
Art Chris Filstrup
Asian American Studies Anastasia Chiu
Astronomy Sherry Chang
Athletic Training Michael Huang
Biology Mona Ramonetti
Biochemistry Mona Ramonetti
Bioinformatics Jessica Koos
Biomedical Engineering Violeta Ilik
Biomedical Research Jessica Koos
Business and Management Studies Jennifer DeVito
Cell Biology Mona Ramonetti
Chemistry Clara Tran
China Studies Min-Huei Lu
Cinema Studies Kate Kasten
Civil Engineering Robert Tolliver
Classics Daniel Kinney
Clinical Laboratory Sciences Jessica Koos
Computer Science Laura Costello
Cultural Studies Kate Kasten
Dance Darren Chase
Dental Medicine Jamie Saragossi
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Mona Ramonetti
Economics Chris Filstrup
Education Claudia McGivney
Electrical & Computer Engineering Clara Tran
Electrical Engineering Online Clara Tran
Engineering Robert Tolliver
English & Global Literature Dana Haugh
Environmental Art, Architecture and Design Darren Chase
Environmental Humanities Darren Chase
Evidence-Based Medicine Jamie Saragossi
Film MFA (Southampton) Chris Kretz
French Kate Kasten
General Science Robert Tolliver
General Social Sciences Kate Kasten
General Humanities Kate Kasten
Geosciences Robert Tolliver
German Daniel Kinney
Global Library Initiatives Michael Huang
Government Information & Documents Jin Guo
Graduate Program in Genetics Mona Ramonetti
Health Care Policy and Management Michael Huang
Health Technology and Management Michael Huang
Hispanic Languages and Literatures Amelia Salinero
History Chris Filstrup
Italian American Studies Daniel Kinney
Italian Daniel Kinney
Japanese Min-Huei Lu
Journalism Jason Torre
Korean Min-Huei Lu
Library Science Min-Huei Lu
Linguistics Laura Costello
Manuscripts Kristen Nyitray
Maps Robert Tolliver
Marine & Atmospheric Science Robert Tolliver
Mathematics Sherry Chang
Materials Science & Chemical Engineering Jin Guo
Mechanical Engineering Clara Tran
Medical Humanities Jamie Saragossi
Medical Images Jamie Saragossi
Medicine Jessica Koos, Gregg Stevens
Music Gisele Schierhorst
Neurobiology & Behaviour Mona Ramonetti
Nursing Jessica Koos, Gregg Stevens
Nutrition Jamie Saragossi
Occupational Therapy Michael Huang
Patient Education Michael Huang
Philosophy Victoria Pilato
Physical Therapy Michael Huang
Physician Assistant Michael Huang
Physics Sherry Chang
Political Science Chris Filstrup
Portuguese Amelia Salinero
Psychology Anastasia Chiu
Psychiatry Gregg Stevens
Public Health Gregg Stevens
Reference Laura Costello
Religious Studies Victoria Pilato
Respiratory Care Michael Huang
Russian & Slavic Studies Violeta Ilik
Scholar Athlete Program Claudia McGivney
School of Professional Development Claudia McGivney
Social Welfare Jamie Saragossi
Sociology Gisele Schierhorst
South Asian Studies Min-Huei Lu
Spanish Amelia Salinero
Special Collections Kristen Nyitray
Stony Brook Authors Kristen Nyitray
Sustainability and Environmental Studies Darren Chase
Technology & Society Robert Tolliver
Theatre MFA (Southampton & Manhattan) Chris Kretz
Theatre Arts Darren Chase
University Archives Kristen Nyitray
Veteran's Health Gregg Stevens
WISE Clara Tran
Women's Studies Jennifer DeVito
Writing & Literature MFA (Southampton) Chris Kretz
Writing & Rhetoric Dana Haugh

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