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Open Educational Resources (OER): OER Initiative Grant FAQ

resources, tools and information about open education and open education resources
What if I am offering a new course (with no textbooks previously used by which to evaluate cost and savings), how will you calculate the 50% savings on textbooks and other course materials?  
We will identify comparable commercial textbooks and use the costs of those to calculate your 50% savings. 
What if I don't use OER in the course for 3 years?   
There is no penalty.  We are looking for a commitment to use OER for 3 years, but there is no requirement.  However, continuing to use OER offers sustaining benefits for you (SUNY OER grant funding) and your students (saving money on high textbook costs).
Are library books and articles OER?  Can I use books and articles from SBU Libraries collections?
Most library books and articles are copyright protected, and are not OER.  OER are licensed as open by the creator, allowing faculty and students to use the content freely and without restriction.  Learn more about OER, and discover excellent OER collection on our OER guide.
For library (or your own) books and articles, using our Electronic Course Reserve service, and request online books chapters and articles to be placed on Blackboard for your courses.
I created an OER.   Where do I publish my open textbook?
You have options.  Use SBU Academic Commons, our open access publishing platform.  A number of SBU faculty have published OER on Academic Commons and you can, too (ex., Essential Graduate Physics)!  SUNY OER features an open textbook publishing service as well.  Contact Darren Chase, Head of Scholarly Communication, to learn more.
I have more questions!
We are happy to help you.  Email, and we will respond to you ASAP.