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A guide to resources for students in marketing courses at the College of Business.

Where To Start?

The purpose of this guide is to help students find appropriate materials for BUS 358 and other marketing courses.

Use the tabs above to navigate the site:

  • Where Can I Find ...? Start here if you are lost. A "cheat sheet" to figure out where to look for the type of information you need.
  • Find Company Information/Databases - Where to look for marketing demographics (MINTEL), articles, polling questions, and other marketing information. Provides a list of suggested databases.
  • Marketing Books - Find print and eBooks related to your topic.
  • Marketing Journals - Find online and print journals.
  • Reference - Find online and print reference materials.
  • Websites - Link to organizations, statistics and other websites.
  • Research Tutorials - Interactive and video tutorials to help you with your research.
  • Citation/Plagiarism - Find out about tools and sites that offer help with handling citation and how to cite Mintel reports in MLA . The College of Business takes plagiarism seriously. Make sure your understand their expectations before you start an assignment.


SPSS is available through the Virtual Sinc Site.

Top Marketing Databases


Get basic company information including description, history, financials (balance sheet, cash flow, income statement), competitors list, competitive landscape. Download a customized company report.

Business Source Complete

Provides a variety of reports including SWOT, industry, and market reports.


Provides consumer demographic and other market segmentation information.

LexisNexis Academic

Provides free, online access to fulltext articles from the New York Times and other newspapers.

Finding Customer Demographics Using Mintel

Use the Mintel database to find marketing information and customer demographics.

Helpful Videos:

Collaborative Learning Areas (CoLAs)

Collaborative work areas are available in the library on the 2nd Floor of the North Reading Room. These areas are designed to maximize group interactions. Available: group booths, interactive and digital cam white boards, and more. Reserve a space.

Find out more about CoLAs.