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GLS 102: European Union: Home

A guide to finding information for Rocco Sabino's GLS 102: European Union class.

How Do You Say That?

Use VOA’s Pro•nounce to correctly pronounce names and places quickly and easily. VOA's pronunciation guide has helped people around the world pronounce challenging words in the news since 2000.

Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands: The Essential Cultural Guide

Using This Guide

Use this guide to quickly and easily find the information needed to complete your assignments for GLS 102: European Union.

  • Navigate through the site by using the tabs above.
  • Start with the Country Reports tab, which provides links to economic reports for the countries covered in the class.
  • Continue to the More Country Information tab for information from other sources.
  • The Wall Street Journal tab provides a video tutorial on how to access the SBU Libraries' subscription to the Wall Street Journal online, which will be helpful for keeping up with current events.
  • The Citation/Plagiarism tab helps you find information and tool to help you cite correctly. 

Get Help With Economic Jargon

Unsure of the meaning of a particular word or concept? Check the resources below for additional information.


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