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Sources for researching education-related topics.

Recommended Databases

Journals by Title

This is a list of journals in Education research that may be relevant to your topic. Click on the title to see what database access we have to each one. Note: a journal may appear in multiple databases, often with different years of full text access.


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Empirical Research

Looking for empirical research? These are studies that rely on data collected through experimentation and direct observation. Keep in mind that not all peer reviewed articles will necessarily be empirical research.

While some databases have a direct way to limit results to empirical research, there are also search tips that will help you find these types of articles regardless.

  • PsycInfo and PsycArticles: limit the Methodology type to Empirical Study or more specific examples:

  • ERIC: limit to Publication Type: Reports - Research:

  • For other databases, you can try adding keywords to your search that often appear within these types of articles:
    • empirical research
    • findings
    • instrument
    • methodology
    • qualitative or quantitative
    • questionnaire
    • results
    • study
    • survey