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China-U.S. science and technology cooperation since 1979: HOME

Highlights of Cooperation

U.S.-China Official State Visits

·         1972 Feb.-- President Nixon to China

·         1975 Dec.-- President Ford to China

·         1984 Apr.-- President Reagan to China

·         1985 July -- President Li Xiannian to Washington

·         1989 Feb. -- President Bush to China

·         1997 Oct. -- President Jiang Zemin to United States

·         1998 June -- President Clinton to China

·         2002 Feb. -- President Bush to China

·         2006 Apr. -- President Hu Jintao to U.S.

·         2009 Nov. -- President Obama to China

·         2011 Jan. -- President Hu Jintao to U.S.

·         2015 Sept. -- President Xi Jinping to U.S.   

·         2017 Nov. -- President Trump to China   



      The U.S.-China Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Texchnology (the S & T) was signed by U.S. President jimmy Carter and Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping on January 31, 1979.  More then 30 years had passed.   The cooperative activities and programs under this agreement have spreaded among many areas of sicences and technolgoies.  

      This guide provides you some general background informationm and an overview of the cooperative activities and projects between U.S. and China for the past 35 years.  It brings together selections of excellent resources, and provides tools and tips for discovering articles, books, news and websites.  Research websites and resouces for specific areas of S&T are also highleighted for your references.  Click to find more detailed information and resources for the area of your interest.   

       If you need help or have a comment you can contact me -- my information is on the right sidebar.

Important Events for Cooperation in S&T

Agreements, protocols and memorandums in specific areas of S&T between U.S. and the P.R.C.are listed under the page of "Resources for Specific Areas of S&T" of this libguide.

Subject Guide

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