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EGL 492/565 American Gothic: Home

Department of English

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Research Plan

About midway through the course, you will develop a set of open-ended research questions that will guide your initial exploration and research leading up to the term paper.

Throughout the first part of the course, we will discuss what makes for a good, generative research question, how to develop and articulate your questions, and how you might use those questions as anchoring points for your approach to interpreting literature. Each student will be required to meet individually (in person or via media) with our personal librarian to discuss how to devise a research plan to explore and develop the research question(s) that will lead to a topic for your term paper.

A sign-up sheet will be distributed. A week after this meeting, each student will turn in a one- to two-page typed report, which addresses: 1) What was most useful about the meeting? 2) What surprised you? 3) Is there anything that you wish you had asked? 4) How did this meeting help you to develop your thinking about your research? 5) What is the next step you will take?

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