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JRN 115: News Reporting & Writing I: Developing a "Documents State of Mind"

The Investigative Reporter’s Handbook

The Art of Access

IRE Journal

The IRE Journal, the award-winning magazine of Investigative Reporters & Editors, is published four times a year and contains journalist profiles, how-to stories, reviews, investigative ideas and backgrounding tips. Our audience is journalists from all media, journalism educators or students who want to hone their investigative skills — from tried-and-true Watchdog fundamentals to the latest innovations that help you get the story. The answers come from the reporters, editors or producers writing in the Journal about their own experiences with investigative projects.

Dig Deeper!

Those of you interested in digging deeper might want to start exploring some of the resources on this page to help you start developing a "documents state of mind."

Mark Horvit: How to Develop a "Document State of Mind" in the Newsroom

Mark Horvit is the Executive Director for Investigative Reporters and Editors, and Associate Professor at the Missouri School of Journalism.

Mark Horvit: How to Get Public Information that People Don't Want to Give You

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