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Physical Therapy: eJournals/Journals

Guide to the Literature of Physical Therapy

Selected eJournals Listed by Title

NOTE: This may not be a complete list of current 2014 electronic physical therapy and related journal titles available from the Health Sciences Library. Please check the library catalog for older print and electronic titles, the e-journal list on the library’s website, ScienceDirect, and Melville Library catalog and/or website to verify specific electronic and print volumes and issues.

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Peer Review in Five Minutes

To find out if a particular journal title is peer-reviewed, UlrichsWeb Global Serials Directory will provide the answer. Look for the Refereed symbol appearing before the journal title.

This video tutorial created by North Carolina State University includes how peer-reviewed articles are different from other types of publications; how these articles relate to campus teaching and learning activities; and where to go for assistance in locating peer-reviewed articles.