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Chinese Culinary History: Books at SBU

Resources for the study of Chinese culinary history, featuring the Dr. Jacqueline M. Newman Chinese Cookbook Collection, a special collection at Stony Brook University.

Books In Stony Brook University's Collection

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A sampling of new and classic texts at Stony Brook University Libraries (Special Collections and the Melville Library main stacks):
Anderson, E. N. (1988). The food of China. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Bosse, S., Watanna, O., & Newman, J. M. (2006). Chinese-Japanese cook book. Bedford, Mass: Applewood Books.

Chang, K. (1977). Food in Chinese culture: anthropological and historical perspectives. New Haven: Yale university press.

Chang, W. W., & In Kutscher, L. G. (1970). An Encyclopedia of Chinese food and cooking. New York: Crown Publishers.

Chao, P. Y. (1945). How to cook and eat in Chinese. New York: The John Day Company.

Chen, W. (1995). Tang Song yin shi wen hua fa zhan shi. Taibei Shi: Taiwan xue sheng shu ju.

Coe, A. (2009). Chop suey: A cultural history of Chinese food in the United States. New York: Oxford University Press.

Croll, E. (1983). The family rice bowl: food and domestic economy in China. Geneva, Switzerland: United Nations Research Institute for Social Development.

Farquhar, J. (2002). Appetites: Food and sex in postsocialist China. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Gray, J. H., & Gregor, W. G. (1878). China: A history of the laws, manners, and customs of the people. London: Macmillan.

Ho, C.-T., Lin, J.-K., Zheng, Q. Y., & American Chemical Society. (2003). Oriental foods and herbs: chemistry and health effects. Washington, DC: American Chemical Society.

Husihui. (1968). Yin shan zheng yao. Taibei Shi: Taiwan shang wu yin shu guan.

Hyatt, R. (1978). Chinese herbal medicine: Ancient art and modern science. New York: Schocken Books.

Jiang, T. (2006). Zhongguo ming chi gu shi. Tianjin Shi: Bai hua wen yi chu ban she.

Jonas, S., & Gordon, S. (2000). 30 secrets of the world's healthiest cuisines: global eating tips and recipes from China, France, Japan, the Mediterranean, Africa, and Scandinavia. New York: Wiley.

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Krich, J. (1997). Won ton lust: Adventures in search of the world's best Chinese restaurant. New York: Kodansha International.

Lin, N. (1992). Zhongguo yin shi wen hua. Taibei Shi: Nan tian shu ju. 

Lin, W. (1999). Yin shan zha ji. Taibei Shi: Hong fan shu dian.

Liu, F. (2000). Chi de yi shu xu ji. Taibei shi: Da di chu ban she.

Liu, Y., Wang, R., & Mu, Q. (1996). Zhongguo zhu wen hua da guan. Beijing: Ke xue chu ban she.

Lu, H. C. (1986). Chinese system of food cures: prevention & remedies. New York: Sterling Pub. Co.

Newman, J. M. (2008). Cooking from China's Fujian Province: one of China's eight great cuisines. New York: Hippocrene Books.

Newman, J. M., & Halporn, R. (2004). Chinese cuisine, American palate: an anthology. Brooklyn, N.Y: Center for Thanatology Research & Education, Inc.

Newman, J. M. (2004). Food culture in China. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press.

Shi, J. (2005). Xin bian Zhongguo yao shan shi liao: Mi fang quan shu. Beijing Shi: Ke xue ji shu wen xian chu ban she.

Simonds, N. (1991). China's food: A traveler's guide to the best restaurants, dumpling stalls, teahouses, and markets in China. New York: Harper Perennial.

Sterckx, R. (2005). Of tripod and palate: food, politics and religion in traditional China. Conference on Food and Religion in Traditional China. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Tang, L. (1994). Zhongguo chi di gu shi. Taibei Shi: Han guang wen hua chu ban she.

Tong, S., & Xing zheng yuan wen hua jian she wei yuan hui (China). (1991). Xiao chi di yi shu yu wen hua. Taibei Shi: Xing zheng yuan wen hua jian she wei yuan hui.

Wang, L. (2005). Tea and Chinese culture. San Francisco: Long River Press.

Wang, R. (1994). Yin shi yu Zhongguo wen hua. Beijing: Ren min chu ban she.

Wu, D. Y. H., & Tan, C. B. (2001). Changing Chinese foodways in Asia. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press.

Wu, D. Y. H., & Cheung, S. C. H. (2002). The globalization of Chinese food. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. 

Wu, L. (1993). Ming ren ming chu cai pu. Beijing: Nong cun du wu chu ban she.

Yi, Y. (1998). Ming Qing yin shi yan jiu. Taibei Shi: Zhonghua fa zhan ji jin guan li wei yuan hui. 

Volkwein, A. (2007). Chinatown, New York: portraits, recipes, and memories. New York: Collins Design.

Zhao, R. (2003). Man Han quan xi yuan liu kao shu. Beijing: Kun lun chu ban she.

Zhongguo yin shi wen hua xue shu yan tao hui, Hsü, H., Ch’en, L., & Zhongguo yin shi wen hua ji jin hui (Taipei, Taiwan). (1993). Di er jie Zhongguo yin shi wen hua xue shu yan tao hui lun wen ji. Taibei Shi: Cai tuan fa ren Zhongguo yin shi wen hua ji jin hui. 

Zhongguo yin shi wen hua xue shu yan tao hui, Xu, X., Chen, L., & Zhongguo yin shi wen hua ji jin hui. (1993). Di yi jie Zhongguo yin shi wen hua xue shu yan tao hui lun wen ji. Taibei Shi: Cai tuan fa ren Zhongguo yin shi wen hua ji jin hui.

Digital Exhibition

View here covers of the books featured in the exhibition "Take a Wok Through Chinese Culinary History." 

LaChoy Chinese Recipes, ca. 1920s.

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