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Foreign Newspapers in the SBU Library

These newspapers can be found, in varying degrees of currency, on the newspaper and magazine shelves in the middle of the Central Reading Room.

Carriere della Sera
China Daily
El Diario
Ethnikos Kerux
Financial Times
The Guardian
Haiti Progress
India Abroad
Iran Times
Jerusalem Post
Jornal de Letras, Artes e Ideias
Korea Times
Literaturnaia Gazeta
Le Monde
Monde Diplomatique
Muslim Journal
El Pais

About this Guide

Search this guide for many kinds of news sources:

  • newspapers
  • broadcasts
  • websites
  • blogs
  • aggregators
  • satire
  • alternative
  • special interest  

Always remember:  

What you believe about a news report is influenced by how it is presented: what medium it's in and what that medium's conventions and technical requirememts are, who presents and/or writes it, who publishes it, how much it depends on advertising or political interests, when it is presented, whether it can be, or has been, cross-checked, what readership is targeted,  and the quality and nature of the language used.


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