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Maps: Fees for Reproduction

Contains resources for maps and geospatial research and instruction

Fees for Reproduction

Fees for Reproduction Services in the Map Collection

The Map Collection reproduces material in the form of photocopies or digital scans to the extent that physical condition and copyright restrictions permit. All requests require completion of our Map Collection Registration Form.

Reproduction requests must be approved by the Map Librarian. Decisions will take into account the condition, brittleness, and fragility of the item, and other restrictions placed on the item in our loan policy. We do not copy more than ten pages from a collection.

The turn-around time for all reproduction requests is 12-48 hours. When in-person requests are made to reproduce items 36” wide or less, we may make arrangements to send them to Fed-Ex Kinko’s location in Hauppauge, N.Y. Payment must be made by the patron at the FedEx-Kinko site on the lower level of our Library.

The Library adheres to the provisions of the 1976 Copyright Act and follows the minimum standards of educational fair use established under Section 107 of H.R. 2223 by the Ad Hoc Committee on Copyright Law Revision. Additional information regarding copyright can be accessed from Rights and Permissions.

Fee Schedule


Stony Brook University Affiliates


Photocopies up to 11x17”

$0.10 per exposure for B/W

$1.00 per exposure for Color

$0.20 per exposure, first 100 pages; $0.25, 101-300 pages for B/W; $1.10 per exposure for Color

Photocopies over 11x17”

Varies as fees charged by FedEx Kinko's: currently $6.99 per scan, $9.95 per copy on CD, $0.75 per square foot for B/W inkjet copy and $5.00 per square foot for color copy.

Digital Images

$1 per scan + $4 for compact disk

$6 per scan + $4 for compact disk


*Please note that we cannot e-mail tiff files.*

Publication Fee

Negotiated with Department Head

$50 for commercial use
$25 for non-profit use

Exhibition Fee

Negotiated with Department Head

$100 for commercial use
$50 for non-profit use

Shipping and Handling Charges

$25 order or less: $5
$25.01-$50 order: $10
$50.01-$100 order: $15
$100.01-$150 order: $20
$150.01-$200 order: $25
Over $200 order: $30


Full payment is required prior to the shipment of materials. Please make checks or money orders payable to “SUNY at Stony Brook.”