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Stony Brook University

SBU: History and Timeline: Past Deans and Directors of Libraries

Information and Resources about the History of Stony Brook University.

Past Deans and Directors of Libraries

July 1963-July 1967: Roscoe Rouse (director)

July 1, 1967-July 1, 1972: Ruben Weltsch (director)

[July 1972-February 1974]: Joseph Gantner (acting director)

March 1, 1974-July 16, 1997: John Brewster Smith (dean and director)

August 1, 1996-December 18, 1999: Joseph J. Branin (dean and director)

December 20, 1999-August 1, 2000: Charles W. Simpson (interim dean and director)

August 1, 2000-November 1, 2010: E. Christian Filstrup (dean and director)

December 2010-January 27, 2013: Andrew White (interim dean and director)

January 28, 2013-October 1, 2013: Daniel Kinney  (interim dean and director)

October 1, 2013-present: Constantia Constantinou (dean)