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Which game would you prefer?

Which SBU Libraries game would you prefer to play?
Where's Wolfie?: 8 votes (53.33%)
Library Trivia: 4 votes (26.67%)
Apples to Apples game: 3 votes (20%)
None: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 15

In the News

900 classic arcade games from the 70s to the 90s are now free online!

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NEW Library Themed Games for Our Collection!

Stony Brook University Libraries are proud to present our first series of library themed games.  It is our hope that these games, altered versions of classics we love, will help reduce stress amongst the players and help them have a fun social experience within the Library.  Three games will be released throughout the Fall 2014 semester, so keep an eye out for their availability.  Games will be available for checkout for 2 hours at the Information Desk in the Melville Library's Central Reading Room.


Why games in libraries?

Libraries are about sharing culture and information, and games are a form of culture that you often have to share – you often can't experience them without another player!

They're also good for brain health, and foster important life skills like socialization, theory of mind and systems literacy. Plus, they're fun!

Whether video games, tabletop games, social games or other kinds of games, they’re all a part of culture whose importance is only becoming clearer with time. And that means we need to foster the kind of smart engagement that libraries support, for games as well as books. 


Scene from a satirical papyrus, 1100 BC

Scene from a Satirical Papyus, Egypt, 1100 BC


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Kristen Cinar

Future Game Recommendation?

Have a favorite game that you think could be altered to fit a library theme?  Contact Us to share your ideas and make suggestions!